Protect public assets

The state’s lone commercial heliport at Naharlagun is facing threats from the high-rise buildings that are coming up in its vicinity.
The situation is so precarious that the Civil Aviation department had to write a letter to the Capital Complex district administration seeking complete ban on construction of high-rise structures located near the helipad area.
It is unfortunate that citizens are constructing high-rise buildings in the area around the helipad despite the fact that it is against the laid down norms. Such attitude is one of the root causes of the underdevelopment of the state.
People, especially in the capital complex region are often seen flouting the laid down norms without any fear.
There is a standing order from the district magistrate making it clear that earth cutting near the road is illegal under law. However, citizens still haphazardly indulge in rampant earth cutting, thereby causing massive damage to the roads.
In certain stretches like Itanagar-Jully-Papu road, people have even constructed houses just adjacent to the road, without maintaining the RoW. This has left no scope for future expansion. In many colonies and sectors, the government quarters have been illegally encroached. The whole capital complex is in utter chaos, and this in turn is hurting the image of the capital region.
Coming to the helipad issue, hopefully, the district administration will take urgent action and stop construction activities in the vicinity of the helipad. It is the duty of everyone, including the citizens, to protect important government assets.