Where is the stipend?

Dear Editor,
I’m a student who has just completed my UG course. I have a message to convey through this esteemed daily to our newly formed state government, and to our education minister.
It’s been almost two months and our stipend amounts haven’t been remitted to our respective accounts. Although the stipends have been released to some of the accounts, there are many more like me who are still waiting anxiously.
My question is, why is there such delay in processing the amount by our state government? Is our state lacking in modern gadgets and technology which is causing such hindrance? What’s stopping our government officials in this 21st century from making a right click on their desktop to ease the whole scenario for young and aspiring students?
Not only in this session, but in every session such instances of irregularity in disbursement of stipend amounts are seen. Therefore I request our education minister and all the government officials involved to please look into this matter immediately and make a move as soon as possible.
Many of us are about to join our further courses, as the new academic session is about to begin next month. There is not much time left.
Concerned student