Anomalies in maintenance works alleged

ITANAGAR, Jul 19: The All Kamle District Anti-Corruption Organisation has alleged serious anomalies in the maintenance works on the Boasimla, Tamen and Raga stretches of the Trans-Arunachal Highway in Kamle district.
In a representation to the chief minister, the organisation claimed that its members assessed the stretches of the highway and found that the quality of works was poor, “in violation of the government’s detailed project report (DPR).”
“In Package 1, as per the DPR, the total length of carpeting under Boasimla, Tameng and Raga should be 5.700 kms. However, the actual carpeted length is 3.600 kms only, with substandard work and no proper drainage,” the organisation claimed.
“Similarly,” it said, “at Dukum, Komliko, Bopi and Puchigeko, the actual carpeting length should be 2 kms, but they have constructed only 0.35 km.”
The organisation further claimed that in the Balek Muri, Mugli and Baza areas, the total carpeting length should have be 4 kms but the contractor has only carpeted 0.86 km, in violation of the DPR.
The organisation has sought legal action against the department and the contractors concerned for violating the DPR. This daily was unable to get a reaction from the highway department on the allegation.