Teachers undergo capacity building trg

ITANAGAR, Jul 23: The teachers of Tarang Academy Residential School in Chandranagar here participated in a capacity building training organized by the Murh Hatey Academic Development Society at the school on Tuesday.
The training focused on ‘integration of art education with pre-primary education of children’.
Resource person Chhaja Lowang said pre-primary education “is a foundation for children before joining primary classes in order to have proper growth of mental, physical, emotional and psychological growth.”
She spoke about domains of motor development in children, like physical development, gross motor skills, fine motor skills, cognitive skills, language development, concept formation, socio-emotional development, creative art skills, and appropriate technology skills, besides techniques involved in the teaching-learning process.
“Activities should always be participatory, which shows the alertness of children, all-round development, joyful learning, end of ego, and presence of only positive vibes among the peers,” Lowang added.
During the training, the participants took part in physical activities which demonstrated the stages of motor development, performing several activities which focused on working from simple to complex, familiar to unfamiliar, and concrete to abstract materials.