A letter to the chief minister

Dear Editor,
I would like to request the state government, especially our young and working chief minister, to establish the permanent headquarters of Lower Siang district as early as possible. According to the decision taken during the meeting of the public of Nari-koyu and Likabali constituency and the District Demand Committee, it was decided that the temporary headquarters would be established at Likabali and Nari on a sharing basis. The DC and the SP offices would be established in Likabali, and some other departments in Nari. At the same time, work for the permanent headquarters in Siki-Rima would be taken up.
Because of this decision the public of Nari-koyu wholeheartedly supported the district movement. But till date there is no progress on the permanent HQ issue.
We have not heard anything on the issue, either from the government, the administration or our MLAs.
We would like to hear from the government about the status of the permanent HQ. Other younger districts are developing rapidly, and schools, colleges, hospitals, mini-secretariats, roads, etc, are being developed in the other younger districts. But the people of Lower Siang have not felt any difference even after the creation of the district. On the contrary, the people of Nari-Koyu have to travel to Likabali via Assam for official works. For us Pasighat was better, since we have a road upto Pasighat, within Arunachal, without touching Assam.
The dream for a self-sufficient town, a district headquarters for the foothill people in between Likabali and Nari, is gradually fading. Likabali, the temporary HQ, is not suitable as a permanent HQ due to scarcity of land, and also because it is very close to Assam and law and order problems may arise frequently due to the boundary dispute.
On the contrary, Siki-Rima is a plain area in the hills between Likabali and Nari, and it would be a blessing for the people as the spot is far from Assam territory, so there will be no problems of security and encroachment, and also, land has been donated free of cost by the public.
If it is started now, the work can be finished within 10-15 years if adequate fund is earmarked. It would also lead to employment generation for the youths and the public since huge construction works have to be taken up.
I request the chief minister to update us on the issue of the permanent HQ, and also to earmark fund for permanent HQ in the upcoming cabinet meeting. We also dream of a planned and beautiful district headquarters for our district. Anjaw is a beautiful example of planned district headquarters. Its model can be replicated in our HQ also.
A public