Union demands end to APST benefits enjoyed by non-APSTs

ITANAGAR, Jul 30: The All Arunachal Pradesh Border Students’ Union in a representation to the chief minister on Monday requested the state government to immediately constitute an empowered study group to look into the matter of “offspring of non-APST fathers and APST mothers enjoying APST status and other benefits.”
“The empowered group should also study the quantum of punishment to be fixed for those responsible for issuing APST certificates to such individuals,” the union said, and added that the government should ask the authorities concerned to desist from issuing important documents like land possession, PR and ST certificates to the offspring of non-APST fathers and APST mothers.
Also demanding that registration of all marriages between APST women and non-APST men should be made compulsory, the union said a stringent law should be introduced in the assembly “on the issue of APST status and other benefits being enjoyed by the offspring of non-APST fathers and APST mothers in the state,” or that the government issue an ordinance in this regard through a cabinet sitting.