Student police cadets inducted

HAPOLI, Aug 5: Over 100 students from various government secondary schools (GSS) and higher secondary schools (GHSS) of Lower Subansiri district were inducted as student police cadets (SPC) by Education Minister Taba Tedir during a programme held at the Abotani Hall here on Monday, in the presence of Agriculture Minister Tage Taki.
Addressing the newly inducted SPCs, Tedir said the programme, initiated by the Centre, “provides an opportunity to know the police force and instill a sense of respect for the men in uniform.
“You will have to be the eyes and ears of the police, since the police have their own limitations and cannot be present everywhere,” he said, and advised the students to ensure that no student drops out during the course of the training.
Stating that the SPC programme would help instill patriotism and discipline in the lives of the students, Taki in his address expressed hope that the programme would help mould students into law-abiding citizens.
Lower Subansiri SP Hemant Tiwari highlighted the activities under the SPC programme, and informed that 80 boys and 70 girls from Dani Kunya GHSS, the GHSS’ of Hija and Yazali, the Mihin Bagang GSS in Hapoli, and the GSS in Yachuli would be trained as SPCs.
“These students will be trained on topics like community policing and students, road safety and traffic awareness, fight against social evils, disaster management, etc. Moral and social ethos like patience, tolerance, empathy and sympathy, team spirit and discipline shall also be discussed in detail,” he said.
Among others, DC Chukhu Takar, DDSE Hibu Tama and EAC Priscilla Tayeng attended the programme. (DIPRO)