Training on organic farming conducted

BOASIMLA, Aug 7: In all, 100 farmers and Gaon Buras of and around Boasimla area took part in a one-day training themed ‘Organic farming for a sustainable future and healthy life-cum-veterinary perspective on Japanese Encephalitis (JE)’ conducted by the district agriculture department under Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA) here on Monday.
Addressing the participants on the occasion, Kamle deputy director agriculture-cum-ATMA project director Dani Yubbe spoke about the importance of organic farming and harmful effects of chemicals used as fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides which damages the soil after long term use.
Further, during the training, Block Technology Manager Dr. Habung Nakang informed the participants about Japanese Encephalitis, its causes and preventive measures while, Assistant Technology Managers Duyu Monya and Hibu Yam spoke about organic farming and conducted field demonstration on vermicomposting which is an important component of organic farming.
Agriculture Development Officer, Koj Horming advised farmers to take up double cropping and asked them ensure judicious use of land, time and labour by adopting short duration crops especially, leguminous plants like peas etc, after harvesting the paddy especially, in wet rice cultivated area to double farmer’s income.