An appeal to the CM

Dear Editor,
It is a naked truth that pollution is the main reason behind all dreadful sicknesses and the wrathful actions of Mother Nature. It is beyond our imagination that now the temperature in India has crossed 50°C, and in the coming days, when it reaches the boiling point, life on this planet will be impossible.
Even the rate of cancer and many other diseases has increased due to pollution. Development is necessary but not at the cost of human lives.
This is a humble appeal to our chief minister to personally intervene in the matter of the steel factory in Lekhi village which is continuously releasing poisonous smoke into the open air, affecting the people.
In the past, so-called NGOs raised their voices against it. They became soundless in the course of time, but the effect of pollution caused by the smoke from the factory is becoming louder and visible to all.
It is my earnest request as a citizen of the state to the CM: Please take some remedial steps as early as possible as prevention is better than cure. Jai Arunachal, Jai Bharat.
Techi Anand,