ATA opposes decision to merge edn directors’ posts

ITANAGAR, Aug 9: Merely months after Chief Minister Pema Khandu’s announcement in the state cabinet that the posts of the two directors of the education department would be merged, the Arunachal Teachers’ Association (ATA) has declared its opposition to the government’s decision to merge the posts of the elementary education and the secondary education directors.
In a representation to the chief minister, the ATA expressed strong objection to the cabinet decision. It said it has been supporting complete bifurcation of elementary and secondary education since July 2018 in order to ensure effective and smooth functioning of the education system.
The association expressed resentment that, despite addressing their demand, the government went on to decide to amalgamate the posts of the two directors.
“There are many works departments, especially engineering departments, which have eight chief engineers,” the ATA said, and urged the government to reconsider the decision to merge the posts of the two directors.