Dirang NRCY conducts yak health camps in Ladakh

KHARDUNG, Aug 13: Forty-seven farmers from different villages in an around Khardung area, and another 55 farmers from Lato, Gya, Sasoma and Rumtse villages participated in a series of ‘field day extension-cum-yak health camps’ conducted by the ICAR’s Dirang (Arunachal)-based National Research Centre on Yak (NRCY) at Khardung and Gya villages in Ladakh from 8-11 August.
The programme, which was organized in collaboration with the Leh-Ladakh animal husbandry department, was aimed at creating awareness among the yak rearing farmers about common diseases in yaks and ways to control the diseases.
NRCY senior scientist Dr D Medhi informed the farmers about the basic practices of livestock, while NRCY scientist Dr Juwar Doley and veterinary officers Drs Stanzin and Morup from the Leh-Ladakh animal husbandry department spoke on scientific management of livestock in terms of breeding, feeding, housing and health management, especially during winter.
The farmers were also apprised of value-addition methods for different yak products. Basic veterinary medicines were also distributed among the participants.