‘Consumer mitra’ training imparted

ITANAGAR, Aug 22: The Consumer Rights Organization-Arunachal Pradesh (CRO-AP) on Thursday organized a ‘consumer mitra’ training programme for district level CRO workers at the Siddhartha Hall here.
The programme was aimed at apprising the CRO workers of the consumers’ rights and responsibilities, the Consumer Protection Act, and consumer grievances.
Addressing the gathering, CRO national working president Naveen Sharma informed that the Food Safety & Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has recognized the CRO and has included it as a permanent member of the FSSAI committee.
Sharma said the organization is working in 25 states of the country to ensure consumers’ welfare, and urged the CRO workers in the districts to attain detailed information from the departments concerned.
“The issue of consumer is very vast and one cannot cover all at a time,” he said, and advised the CRO workers to work as a team with the departments concerned.
Capital ADC Talom Dupok said the capital is a vast area and all consumer-related issues could not be dealt with at once. He said such training programmes would help the consumers gain more knowledge about their rights.
“If consumers know their rights, it will also ease the administration’s and the departments’ workload,” he said, adding that “unless the public is not well aware of their rights, problems will exist.”
CRO-AP president Achu Bagang requested the district CRO units to spearhead programmes on consumer rights right down to the village level.
Among others, the programme was attended by the director of the Bureau of Indian Standard, DMO Dr Mundip Perme, the food safety officer, Assistant Drug Controller Gebom Tayeng, and Arunachal Pradesh Building & Other Construction Workers Welfare Board Chairman Jalley Sonam.