One-time relaxation for nursing students

Dear Editor,
The public notice issued on 21 June, 2019, by the registrar of the AP Nursing Council, cautioning the nursing/GNM aspirants not to seek admission in colleges in the state which are not affiliated to the NRTS of the National Nursing Council, was very essential, although a little bit late in averting the nursing students’ careers getting spoiled in future. Now, there are great numbers of students who have pursued GNM courses from southern India, where academic atmosphere is more conducive, in the hope of getting bright futures.
Having said that, it is also to appeal to the authorities concerned of the state’s health & family welfare department to consider and give one-time relaxation of registration to those students who have already completed their ANM or GNM courses prior to the issuing of the public notice.
It is the prime duty of the state government to see the welfare of the state’s students first, so that equality before law and equal opportunity is given to all the students who have passed ANM or GNM course.
The central government’s guidelines are good, and this year’s nursing students should take note of it and follow the same. At the same time, the career older students are also very important and the poor parents’ hard-earned money used in course completion should not be thrown into the dustbin.
Arunachal has a bad record of directly implementing the central government’s guidelines without examining the pros and cons that have made disastrous effects.
Therefore, one-time relaxation of registration and justice should be given to the students who have passed nursing courses in 2018-19.
A citizen