Posting of teachers in hometowns

Dear Editor,
Recently, 115 PGTs have been selected. Soon they will be given posting to various parts of the state. It is the desire of every government employee to serve in their hometowns.
The teachers do not deal with the public, nor do they move any file. So there is no chance of doing anything illegal or benefiting any person by the teachers.
It has been seen among teachers that they want to be posted to their hometowns or home districts. So, they often try for their hometowns, and if they get transferred, there is no reliever. As a result, there are vacancies of subject teachers, and these vacancies continue for years and the ultimate sufferers are the students, as we often read in the newspapers that many schools are without subject teachers for years.
If teachers are posted at their hometowns, they will have no excuse to seek transfer, except in medical or special cases, and the school will run smoothly.
Therefore, I would like to appeal to the education secretary to consider our appeal for hometown/district posting for the recently selected 115 PGTs. There is no harm in giving teachers their home posting, and above all, we do not want transfer of teachers in the middle of the session.
Tapum Yampan,
Former SMC chairman,
West Siang