Let’s save our Mother Earth

Dear Editor,
The very scorching heat we are experiencing these days, along with the changing climate of our habitat, is a manifestation that our planet is turning into a glasshouse planet. Those were the days in our childhood when we used to proclaim about our native places as if they were hill stations with cool climate and pleasing weather.
However, that pride seems to have faded so fast, as if it were a dream. We can no longer experience that pleasantry anywhere, especially during the summer season.
All this woeful changes are the result of human greed and selfish drive to fulfill their extravagant needs at the expense of exploitation of natural resources.
It is really appreciable how far we have civilized and developed in these years. But what is the value of such feats if there would be no one in the near future who would embrace and cherish our years of crafts? What is the value of all these achievements and advancements if we are to atone for it in the near future? I am not ruling out developmental works and other correlated activities but suggesting creating a balance between development and resource conservation, judicious utilisation of the natural resource at hand, and maintaining the balance of the ecosystem to achieve sustainable development.
Everyone can contribute by doing small contributions through their works. For example, you can plant new trees, say no to plastic, avoid extravagant use of resources, call off hunting, and share the ideas with your neighbours.
Governments and international organisations are doing their best to mitigate these challenges, but in the end it’s upon us to make it a success and turn it into reality. Our daily small steps can save our mother earth from declination. So let us join hands to protect our Mother Earth; let’s strive for a better earth; let’s pay the rental gratitude to our Mother Earth as the great American tribal chief, Seattle, rightly observed, “The earth does not belong to us… we belong to the earth”.
Arjun Laa,