Unemployed automobile engineers

Dear Editor,
I would like to address the authorities concerned regarding the unemployed automobile engineering graduates in the state.
I completed my diploma in automobile engineering from Rajiv Gandhi Government Polytechnic, Itanagar, in 2013. Also, I completed my BE in the same field from Chennai in 2016.
Since then, I and my friends are working in private companies for a mere salary of Rs 5000 per month. If there is no scope for automobile engineers, why has this field of study been included in the polytechnic college? Why is the state government fooling around with students’ lives?
Like me, there are many students in the state hoping for the state government to recruit eligible candidates in the transport department.
To my knowledge, there is an engineering wing in the department concerned for junior engineers, assistant engineers, motor vehicle inspectors, and technical supervisors. Therefore, I request the authorities concerned to kindly look into the matter and create more vacancies in the transport department.
Frustrated automobile engineer,