Allegation baseless

Dear Editor,
This is in reference to the news item published in The Arunachal Times on 8 September, 2019, wherein it is stated that a “dictate issued in the name of the Naga Army (Ollo) is being circulated, dictating the Ollo people to vote for Phawang Lowang unconditionally, and stating that no other candidate should be put up by individuals or groups. The group has said that failure to comply with the pre-warning shall be taken seriously, including eternal punishment.”
My name has been dragged without any iota of fact and truth. It is also conceived that I have been termed as close worker of Phawang Lowang, whereas my constituency does not fall in the 56-Khonsa West (ST) assembly constituency. I am a very simple citizen of Longbo village in Tirap district, and I am totally innocent about the Naga Army (Ollo).
Having seen my name in the newspaper, I am completely shocked and dismayed by the publication of my name, associating me with the Naga Army’s (Ollo) dictatorial statement as reflected in the news item.
Moreover, it is also to be made clear that in Longbo village in Tirap district, there are four or five Mokwang Rumchus. And as far as my truth goes, there is no Naga Army (Ollo) in Tirap district. It is a fake organization. It may be the handiwork of a vested interest group trying to malign and tarnish the image of Phawang Lowang, the candidate of the BJP who contested in the last state election held in April.
So the allegation levelled against me by the vested interest group may be termed baseless and concocted. It is a fabricated one in order to put me in trouble.
Mokwang Rumchu,
Longbo village, Tirap