Students advised to emphasize on social, emotional intelligence

LAKHIMPUR, Sep 15: Apex Tani Foundation (APTAFO) president Likha Tejji advised students to “emphasize more on social and emotional intelligence, rather than being dependent on academic intelligence.”
Tejji was speaking during an ‘interaction-cum-conference’ programme of the Takam Mising Porin Kebang at Tyag Khetra here in Assam on Sunday.
“To contribute further to society, social and emotional aspects are more important. Other than dwelling on individual community organizations of the Tani brothers, concurrent work should go hand-in-hand for greater expansion and scopes. This way, a broader presence shall be felt in the national and international arenas. These six clans have been channelling their energy into specific purposes for the welfare of their own tribes, despite our homogeneous language and culture. If assimilation happens, gradually a more resurgent and vibrant culture shall evolve, enriching everyone in the higher forums,” Tejji said.
Emphasizing on maintaining communal harmony and peace through interactions, Tejji said, “Mising brothers live in the boundary areas of Assam and Arunachal through convergence, and interaction among the Tani brothers in the Assam-Arunachal boundaries shall be more cordial and understanding.”
A resolution was passed during the programme to conduct ‘border meets’ within the Tani communities to maintain communal harmony and find amicable solutions to issues.
Tejji was accompanied by ADO Tadar Kache former panchayat leader Kipa Kain, Dr Tana James, ST Tara, RFO Dusu Oyang and members of the APTAFO.