Gandhi’s teachings will always be relevant: Governor

YUPIA, Sep 28: Governor BD Mishra on Saturday said the teachings of all ancient saints and philosophers, including Mahatma Gandhi, “were relevant then, are relevant now, and will be relevant till human beings live on this earth.”
The governor said this during the inaugural function of a two-day national conference on the theme ‘Relevance of Mahatma Gandhi today’ at the NIT campus here on Saturday.
“All Indian philosophies propound integral humanism and universal fraternity,” he said. “Ved Vyas’ Vedas, the Mahabharata, Valmiki’s Ramayana, the Buddha’s teachings, and Mahatma Gandhi’s philosophy are all universal and timeless. It is the quintessence of Indian culture.”
Stating that satya (truth) and ahimsa (non-violence) are the two cardinal principle’s of Gandhi’s teachings, Mishra said, “Gandhian ahimsa is for human wellbeing, and it does not mean meek submission to evildoers.”
“Gandhiji’s religious ideals encompass good sense, forgiveness, non-conceitedness, non-stealing, cleanliness, control over senses, fortitude, knowledge, truth, and no anger. These ten components of dharma have always been relevant and will continue to remain so,” he said.
He also said that Gandhi stressed on “preservation and promotion of language, traditions and culture for overall homogeneity of the society.”
Earlier, NIT Director Prof P Mahanta presented a brief on the initiatives of the Gandhi Study Centre at the NIT.
Among others, the governor’s wife Neelam Misra, RGU VC Prof Saket Kushwaha, NERIST Director Prof HS Yadav, former UGC vice chairman Dr Mool Chand Sharma, Dr Naresh Dadhich, and faculty members and students of the NIT were present on the occasion. (Raj Bhavan)