Major anomalies in SK oil distribution alleged

Staff Reporter
ITANAGAR, Oct 1: The All Kra Daadi District Anti-Corruption Students’ Union (AKDDACSU) on Tuesday claimed that there are major anomalies in the superior kerosene oil (SK oil) distribution by the retailers.
In a press conference held at the Arunachal Press Club here on Monday, the students’ union claimed that “the SK oil retailers are withdrawing 24,000 kilo litre monthly out of total allocation of 7,92,000 kilo litres under the Public Distribution System (PDS) from the M/S APCCF Depot or godown at Ziro.”
“As per the guidelines of the government of Arunachal Pradesh, it should be sold at the rate of Rs 24 per litre by the retailers at Palin and Rs 25 per litre at remote areas of Kra Daadi district” said union president Khyoda Tatoni.
Tatoni further demanded for cancellation of all SK oil retailers, alleging that “the retailers are wilfully selling the oil at exorbitant rates of Rs 50 or Rs 70 per litre.”
It is said that there are 44 SK oil retailers in the district, out of which only a few have proper outlets.
Tatoni further claimed that “these retailers never supplied SK oil to genuine beneficiaries, depriving them from availing the oil at a subsidized rate”.
The students’ union has submitted representation with the state chief secretary for immediate action and demanded immediate cancellation of all retailers’ licenses.
Seeking the chief secretary’s intervention, the union further demanded immediate action against the district food and civil supply officer alleging the officer of failure to check the anomalies.
It also sought the authority to make public all the beneficiaries lists and retailers names so that transparency can be maintained in the distribution, besides transparency of total allocations of SK oil to Kra Daadi district.