CWC takes custody of ‘abandoned’ girl child

Staff Reporter
ITANAGAR, Oct 2: The Child Welfare Committee, Itanagar Capital Complex (CWC, ICC) on Wednesday took custody of an abandoned four-year old girl child from the Women Police station here and sheltered her in Sishu Bhawan, Naharalagun.
Meanwhile, CWC Chairperson Kani Nada Maling extended her sincere thanks to the two women who
brought the child safely to WPS and requested the public to render help in tracing the mother or relative of the child who is presently in safe custody of the CWC.
According to the two women from Division IV, who brought the girl child to the WPS on Wednesday, while they were returning back home from Chimpu by a sumo, they saw a lady with a child, standing on the roadside at Ganga, is waving to get a lift around 11 pm on Tuesday.
The woman with the child said that she came from Bihupuria, Lakhimpur district in Assam and asked for some money to feed the child and requested them to provide shelter for the night.
On humanitarian ground the two women took her to their house and gave her shelter and food.
On Wednesday at around 9 am, the woman had told them that her mother is critically ill and hence she needs to go to hospital. She left the house giving her mobile number and leaving behind the child saying that she will back soon.
However, the mother failed to return back and her mobile was switch off. At last, the women came to police station and handed over the child to the WPS.