Importance of school education and administration

[ C I Mannou ]
Education is considered fundamental to development of the individual. It is also a right and not a privilege. The main aim of education, therefore, is to develop aptitude of the mind. But the goal of education cannot be achieved without administration of the school. Both are closely related, because while aims and objectives of education deal with the theoretical side, administration concerns itself the practical side.
The administration deals with management, control and arrangement. It is related to the organization dealing with the systematic arrangement for definite purpose, and is concerned with the process of regulations, schedules and arrangements. Good organization ensures efficiency and proper use of resources. Hence, administration and organization are must for the sound system of education.
Apart from the goal of education, the school’s organization has to deal with students, teachers, parents and the society at large. From the administration side, it has to deal with instructions, principles, conventions, and rules and regulations. Hence, it has to solve many problems regarding staffing, curriculum, evaluation and guidance.
Besides, in the modern age, the school education needs to create suitable climate for progressive change in accordance with the changing system of the society. Thus, the objective of the school administration and organization are broad and numerous. Hence, efficient planning is a pre-requisite of the administration and considered the soul of education.
In this context, therefore, our plans are to focus on the principles and objectives of the changing education system. The importance of school education in today’s world needs no emphasis. It is in the school that the mind takes a dip into the world of knowledge and it is here that one’s skills are honed and one’s values exposed to life. It becomes necessary to strengthen quality education with skill development so as to promote innovation, which will add new dimensions to the modern education sector. Parents are, therefore, always trying to identify schools that would ensure good management and administration.
The headmaster or principal is the key person of school activities and can bring good administration in the school to encourage development of the students.
For the sake of convenience of administration, the following achievements can be categorized to avoid confusion all around: Efficient planning, supervision, guidance and motivation, integration in school management, maintaining relation with the pupils, staff and parents, avoiding discriminatory practices in any level, and monthly staff meetings to review the functioning of the school and academic performance of the students.
We can hope the said achievements will ensure the school as an inspirational model and can bring a change in our modern education system by focusing on quality education. (The contributor is a retired school principal)