The incomplete highway

Dear Editor,
I always feel Arunachal is quite stable due to its vast natural resources and geographical location. But are we really stable as a state? The dependence on natural resources will soon perish which will be a big challenge for our state and the Govt must pay the highest attention to it.
Like above, there are still many lacunas, which is mongering and needs prior intervention of the Team Arunachal.
Ongoing APPSCE fiasco, unemployment, dearth of proper primary and secondary services are its example. Though it takes time to evolve and change, it still seems the govt is much behind in this race.
As a denizen of this beautiful paradise, what really disturbs me and others is the twin capital road which is still in the worst condition.
The cutting, shifting and filling is still going on and on. Almighty God only knows for how long. It is becoming worse day by day with more traffic – powered by sound and air pollution. The state capital is becoming more unbearable and irritating to live in.
The stretch between Naharlagun and Itanagar is merely around 15-16 kms. If we see the work in progress, it is indeed very pathetic and unending. Why doesn’t the Govt fix a deadline for the completion and proper restoration of the highway instead of the blame game? This rugged and slow construction has indeed tripled the traffic, accident rate with mental and physical tortures to dwellers and visitors alike.
The only highway is so haphazard, dirty and ailing. The most interior village of state like Assam has better roads than our capital city road.
Isn’t it a big shame for the govt that it is unable to construct only 20 kms of efficient and good road?
The govt must take this as a big challenge instead of blaming the previous govt for the jolt. And it is also high time; our people must question the govt and make them understand what they really ought to do.
We urge you to build a beautiful and healthy capital which is a fundamental privilege of all citizens.
Biku Jaipu