Assn seeks arrest of all masterminds involved

ITANAGAR, Oct 14: The All Arunachal Pradesh Anti-Corruption Association (AAPACA) has appealed to the authorities to immediately arrest all the ‘main leaders’ of the non-APST group that were involved in provoking the recent protest rally in Naharlagun in connection with the 9 October accident where a non-APST had lost his life.
It has, in a release on Monday, further demanded immediate deletion of the entire non-APST election voter ID from the state and proper weekly checking of ILPs; deportation of all non-APST beggars that roam in the market area; non-issuing of ST/ PRC certificates to children whose mothers have married non-APSTs as well as immediate cancellation of issued ST/ PRC certificates; weekly checking of documents of non-APST businessmen/ servicemen as well as their family member’s verification etc.