APPSC – one more trial

Dear Editor,
Why should we remain as a mute spectator when our hard work of years has been put to go down the drain? Some groups are nudging hard on APPSC to break the silence regarding recent court verdict and to go for fresh advertisement. Now that purpose of exam cancellation has been served, there is near complete silence regarding reforms.
It is to be noted, our rights also have been chipped away. The decision comes as a tight slap on the law-abiding aspirants whose only fault was to sit in the exam. We just wanted to materialize the long nurtured dream of being a part of state government’s machinery. Never did we expect about such chaos. The whole process of exam now seems to cause a debilitating effect on the moral of hardworking students.
We as an aggrieved mains appeared candidates do have the rights to challenge the wisdom of courts verdict. Giving up after the first trial seems to be futile exercise for us. As already three years has been wasted, so a wait of three to four months seems to be a no big deal. We are definitely pushing hard for double bench.
We expect supports from APPSC and state government regarding the aforementioned issue. Many of us are of the view that we will surely give up after the double bench’s hearing, but one trial is of paramount importance as many of the facts what we believe were fed in a distorted versions.
An aspirant