Contractor’s assn draws Power Minister’s attention

ITANAGAR, Oct 24: The Arunachal Power Contractors Association (APCA) has in a memorandum Power Minister Chowna Mein on Wednesday last, drawn his attention towards various issues pertaining to tendering process in the state government’s Department of Power.
The association has demanded that preference should be given to the firms registered under the Department of Power, GoAP as per the gazette notification PWR/E-2626/2019 dated 21 July, 2014.
It stated that “contractors had been deprived since their enlistment” and claimed that “all the electrical works are being carried out in almost every division, by firms registered under the Government of Assam.”
“Despite the civil works allocating separate 30 percent electrical works like internal and external wiring, contractors are often not offered separate work tenders and hence, we seek proper work separation,” it said and urged the minister to initiate strict take action against those firms and concerned authority which violate the government’s laid down guidelines.
The association further said that the minister had assured to address their grievances after discussion with state Power Commissioner GS Meena.