Trg in potato cultivation imparted

MOMONG, Oct 26: Fifty-seven farmers from various parts of Namsai district participated in a training programme on ‘vermicompost, bio-fertilizer and scientific cultivation of potato’, organised here by the KVK on Saturday.
The programme was organized under the Paramparagat Krishi Vikas Yojana, as part of the National Mission of Sustainable Agriculture.
Addressing the farmers, Dr Debasis Sasmal advised them to use organic fertilizers in place of chemical fertilizers in order to ensure sustainable farming.
Bidyapati Ngangom made a PowerPoint presentation on bio-fertilizers, their types, roles, and advantages. She also spoke about “the cultivation and multiplication of azolla,” and explained how to use organic fertilizers like compost FYM, vermicompost and bio-fertilizer.
Madhumita Sonowal Bora made a presentation on the process of preparing vermicompost, besides packaging and practice of potato cultivation, and “insect pest and disease of potato and their management.”
The farmers were later taken on an exposure visit to the KVK campus, and shown a demonstration on the process of preparing vermicompost.
Around 110 quintals of potato tubers were distributed among the farmers.