Community members trained in food processing

CHANGLANG, Nov 7: As many as 125 village community members, including members of 33 SHGs and 12 natural resource management groups formed under the NERCORMP, were imparted training on processing of fruits, vegetables and bakery products during a series of training programmes which concluded here on Thursday.
The training programme was organised by NERCORMP Business Development Officer Nanju Simai Tikhak, with support from NERCORMP District Project Director N Sukajit and partner NGOs.
During the training sessions, which were conducted at all the four subdivisions of Changlang from 23 September, master trainer Pranjal Kumar Goswami spoke on methods of preservation, packaging, labelling and marketing. He also imparted training on preparation of different types of vegetarian, fruit and non-vegetarian pickles.
Preparation of tapioca chips, potato chips and fruit-based jams were taught by specialist Nani Chaniya from the Changlang KVK. She also gave in-depth information on post-harvest management.
Baker and entrepreneur Phup Mailu Singpho imparted training to all the NERCORMP community members on baking different kinds of cakes, cookies and doughnuts.