Week-long fitness celebration in VKV

NIRJULI, Nov 13: Aweek-longfitness celebration was inaugurated in the Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya here on Wednesday.
Attending the inaugural event, Arunodaya University Vice Chancellor Dr VN Sharma highlighted the need for gamesand sports in student’s life.
“A student shouldstudy hard to be successful in competitive examinations, but at thesame time,they should play games and sports for all-round development,” Dr Sharma said, adding that “classroom learning is notsufficient to develop character, friendship, punctuality.”
He also informed that the neweducation policy, which will be implemented by January 2020 emphasizes on human values on all levels, and advised students to be hardworking,patriotic and punctual and to concentrate on whatever task theyperform.
VKV Principal KK Reena advised the students to acceptvictory and defeat in a balanced way. “Sports and games teach us to behumble,” she said and was hopeful that friendship development during the week would lastlong.
Physical Education teacher Alokesh Boro also stressed on physical and mental development through fitness programmes.
Over 1500 students, guided by 65 teachers, are participating in the sports event.