No electricity in govt’s electrified village

Dear Editor,
The people of Migging and Mossing village under Tuting sub-division of Upper Siang District is practically living the proverb “Char Dhin ki Chandini aur Phir Andheri Raat” in true sense.
The two villages got electricity connection 2 monthsbefore the last Assembly/Parliamentary election 2019 and was listed in electrified village list of government of Arunachal Pradesh. The villagers celebrated the occasion as one of the major development next to mobile tower connection.
Most of the household have bought television and some of them also bought refrigerator and some other electrical appliances.
But the celebration didn’t last long, with the completion of election process, the electricity also disappear. The TV set and refrigerators are now just a show piece in the corner of house with dust and smoke over it, the villagers are back to square one and living in dark age. They have knocked all doors of concerned department as well as elected representatives with written representation in district level but their voice is yet to be heard by the concerned.
Here, I would like to inform the readers that the two villages are not very interior village, it is 50 to 70 KM before Tuting ADC headquarter.
The State Transport Bus Service was started in the year 1997 in this village though it was discontinued since last many years. Migging is the Circle headquarter of Migging Circle and it was notified/inaugurated in the year 1994.
There are two under construction Hydro electric projects near this village: one Micro Hydro Electric project with 50 Kilo Watt capacity in Migging Village and another 4 Mega Watt Hydro Electric project near Mosing Village. Both the project were started more than a decade back, but it is yet to see the light of the day, may be a modern marvel is in making. Governments changed, many engineers have come and gone but the two projects are not completed yet.
P Duggong,
A resident of Migging Village