SIC yet to catch the big fish

The Special Investigation Cell (SIC) of the Arunachal Pradesh Police made yet another arrest on Wednesday in connection with the Trans-Arunachal Highway (TAH) compensation scam. Tage Tania, the then branch manager of the Central Bank of India, Ziro (Lower Subansiri), was arrested for allegedly conspiring with some other government servants to aid in siphoning off of government money. Tania has become the fourth person to be arrested in the Potin-Bopi TAH scam, after the earlier arrest of PWD JE Kabak Bath, PWD AE Toko Taje, and ADO Toko. The SIC is also investigating the compensation scam related to the Joram-Koloriang road, and has made some arrests.
The arrest of several people alleged to have been involved in the scam is a positive sign. The investigation being carried out by the SIC seems to be moving in the right direction. However, the SIC should ensure that the people involved in looting public money are properly punished. The TAH compensation scam should not meet the same fate as that of the multi-crore PDS scam. The SIC has so far only arrested government officials and one private individual in relation to the highway compensation scam. It has failed to arrest the powerful people who are believed to have been involved in the scam. This is hurting the image of the SIC and is also raising a few eyebrows. The compensation scam has hurt the progress of the TAH, particularly in Lower Subansiri district. The pathetic condition of the road is making it miserable for the road’s users.