Docs, students resolve RKMH issue

ITANAGAR, Nov 23: A joint action committee comprising members of the Arunachal Pradesh Doctors’ Association, the state unit of the Indian Medical Association and others, and an expert committee comprising members of the AAPSU, the ANSU, the ANYA, the ALSU and the NESO have mutually resolved the bitterness between the doctor and the student bodies arising out of a recent incident at the Ramakrishna Mission Hospital (RKMH) here.
The issue was resolved during a joint consultative meeting at the RKMH on Thursday.
In a joint press statement issued by the doctor and the student bodies, they said the incident that had occurred at the RKMH between AAPSU convenor Tatung Taga and a doctor on the intervening night of 3 November has been sorted out.
“After discussion, the members present have mutually agreed and come to an understanding that neither party is interested in maligning the image of either the doctor or the student community. The joint committee of the doctors’ bodies also declared that none of the doctors had any hand in the cartoon depicting the student body and some section of the community in a bad light,” they said.
“Both the doctor and the student bodies have agreed that such kind of unfortunate events and dragging the issue further will have an adverse effect on the general public, and hence declare that the matter between the doctor and the student bodies is hereby mutually and amicably solved,” the joint press statement read.