Potential Linked Credit Plan 2020-21 released for Lower Subansiri

HAPOLI, Dec 5: The estimated credit potential projected for Lower Subansiri has been made at Rs. 3965.72 lakh for the year 2020-21.
This was informed during the launching of Potential Linked Credit Plan (PLP) for Lower Subansiri district here on Thursday, at the district level review committee/district consultative committee.
It was also informed during the meeting that of the Rs. 3965.72 lakhe stimated credit potential projected for the district, the agricultural sector accounts for Rs.3018.05 lakh; Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME): Rs. 606.56 lakh. Credit potential for Education, Housing, Social infrastructure, Renewable Energy and Informal credit delivery system involving bank credit is estimated at Rs. 126.00 lakh, Rs. 96.30 lakh, Rs. 11.05 lakh,Rs. 12.75 lakh andRs. 95.00 lakh respectively.
In the meeting, NABARD district development manager Mewang K. Lowang briefed about the objective of preparation of the PLP document by NABARD for each district of the country every year, keeping in view the policies and priorities of the government of India, state government and the RBI for modernizing agriculture, reducing rural poverty through promotion of agri-business, strengthening rural infrastructure, upscaling micro-finance intervention and creating sustainable livelihood in the rural non-farm sector and the physical potential available in various sectors.
‘This document indicates the bankable potentials for various activities to guide all the stakeholders viz., banks, district administration and implementing departments of the state government to materialize the growth potential of the district. PLP projections serve as a basis for the banks in preparing the district credit plan (DCP) every year,’ he added.