Podi Barbi festival celebrated

MONIGONG, Dec 7: Podi Barbi festival was celebrated with great pomp and gaiety here in Shi-Yomi district on Thursday.
Attending the celebration, Tourism Minister Nakap Nalo sought the people’s cooperation for speedy development of the state.
“The government wants to provide any kind of infrastructure and development, like roads, buildings, etc, for the welfare of the people, and for development to take place, the public’s cooperation with the government is needed,” the minister said.
He urged the local people, especially the people of Monigong, to “change their mindset and support the government’s programmes and policies.”
Nalo also spoke on the importance of the tourism sector for economic development of the state.
Among others, Legislative Assembly Speaker PD Sona, MLAs Nyato Rigia, Taniya Soki and Rodie Bui, DC Mito Dirchi, SP G Dajangju, and Monigong EAC Sadung Gyadu were present. (DIPR)