LS passes bill to extend SC-ST quota in legislatures

NEW DELHI, Dec 10: The Lok Sabha on Tuesday unanimously passed a constitution amendment bill to extend reservation to scheduled castes (SC) and scheduled tribes (ST) in the Lok Sabha and state assemblies by another 10 years even though the opposition slammed the government for not giving the benefit to the Anglo-Indian community.
Responding to the debate on the Constitution (126th) Amendment Bill, Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad asserted that quota in legislatures for SCs and STs was required to build a new political leadership of the two communities.
He also said that the government is against the concept of “creamy layer” for the SC, ST communities as they are anyway backward and should not be “segregated” on such lines.
A few days ago, the government had urged the Supreme Court to reconsider its stand that socially, educationally and economically advanced cream of SC/ST communities should be excluded from the benefits of reservation in government services.
The bill was passed with 352 members voting in favour and none against it.
The reservation for SCs, STs and Anglo-Indians given for the past 70 years in the Lok Sabha and state assemblies was due to end on 25 January, 2020.
The reservation for Anglo-Indians in the form of “nomination” is set to expire on 25 January as the bill does not extend the facility to the community.
Prasad, however, said the doors are not shut and the matter to grant Anglo-Indians nomination would be considered.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi was present in the house when members voted for the measure.
Congress president Sonia Gandhi and party leader Rahul Gandhi were not present, prompting BJP members to take a jibe at opposition benches.
Since it was a constitution amendment bill, the voting took place through division.
The bill, once passed by the Rajya Sabha would be sent to states for ratification by 50 percent of the assemblies before it comes into force.
Supporting the extension of reservation for SCs and STs in legislatures, various opposition members, however, questioned the government on not extending similar benefit to the Anglo-Indian community.
They also questioned that India has only 296 Anglo-Indians.
Hitting back, the minister said when the same census report puts the figure of SCs and STs at over 20 crore and 10 crore, respectively, the opposition accepts it.
But when the same census puts Anglo-Indians at 296, the opposition questions the report.
He said the matter to grant them nomination in legislatures again would be considered.
Under Article 334, SC, STs and Anglo-Indians were given reservation in legislature for 70 years, till 25 January, 2020.
There are 84 members from the SC and 47 from the ST communities in Parliament.
In state assemblies across India, there are 614 SC members and 554 ST members. (PTI)