MLA lauds org for adopting school

MILLANG, Dec 14: Mariyang-Geku MLA Kanggong Taku has commended the Modi Welfare Society (MWS) for adopting the upper primary school here in Upper Siang district.
Speaking during a function organised by the MWS on Friday, the MLA said the school has produced several achievers, including IRS officer Ojing Dameng.
Congratulating the Modi families “for their sustained efforts in upholding peace, kinship ties and social values in society,” Taku assured to provide assistance to construct a Modi musup, “followed by a Ringkiong musup, a Gamno Langkam musup, and a Moying musup.”
He also felicitated meritorious students on the occasion.
Among others,, the function was attended by the Mariyang ADC, MWS president Dr Milorai Modi, and its secretary-general Otem Modi.