Voters transposed to sabotage panchayat poll, claims former PR member

ITANAGAR, Dec 14: A former anchal samiti (AS) chairperson of Damin circle in Kurung Kumey district, Chakpu Gamshi, in a representation to the state election commissioner (SEC) recently claimed that “mass transposition of voters was done from the Pilpuk to the Omla panchayat segment under the Damin ZPM constituency in order to create law and order problem and sabotage the panchayat poll in Omla village.”
The former panchayat leader claimed that over 46 voters from the Pilpuk gram panchayat (GP) segment were enrolled in the Omla GP segment by means of transposition.
“Now, Pilpuk (5/5/1) GP segment has only 26 voters remaining. It initially had 72 voters, and the aforesaid 46 voters are being transposed to the Omla GP segment. These 46 voters who have been transposed to Omla (5/5/2) from the Pilpuk GP segment have not submitted any kind of document to substantiate their claim for transposition. These voters do not have any land, household, agriculture fields or any kind of relation to the Omla GP segment. Except a few, most of the voters who were transposed were not even present on the day of claims and objections, held on 25 November, 2019,” Gamshi said.
He also alleged that despite objections raised by him and other villagers over the inclusion of such voters in the Omla GP segment, “all the said 46 voters were transposed to Omla village as per the electoral roll draft.”
Claiming that the transposition of voters was done in order to “sabotage the panchayat election in Omla and create law and order problem,” the former AS chairperson urged the SEC to revert the transposed voters to their original GP segment to ensure free and fair election.
“Such kind of incidents have happened in many parts of Kurung Kumey district and is likely to be repeated if mass transposition of voters is not reverted,” Gamshi added.
Meanwhile, in a separate representation to the SEC, he alleged that “over 30 juveniles were added as new voters in Omla GP segment,” and demanded deletion of their names from the voters’ list. He also sought early conduct of claims and objections for the Omla (5/5/3) GP segment to ensure a fair election process.
“The juvenile applicants have submitted forged documents to claim that they have crossed 18 years of age. The documents were not even cross-verified during claims and objections. Even the date of claims and objections, which was fixed on 26 November, 2019, was preponed to 25 November, 2019,” he claimed.