Capital witnesses another day of rush for fuel

Staff Reporter
ITANAGAR, Dec 15: The capital complex once again witnessed traffic jams on Sunday at various locations with people rushing to the fuel depots for refills, causing traffic snarls on the highway.
Though the rush was considerably less on Sunday, it still affected the traffic flow. Residents complained that lack of proper management by the capital complex administration created the chaos.
“The whole situation is testing the patience of the public. It is not a joke to wait for more than three hours at a petrol depot. The capital administration should bring the situation under control,” said a citizen.
Meanwhile, the administration continues to maintain that there is enough stock of fuel and the people should stop engaging in panic buying.
“An artificial fuel crisis has been created in the capital complex. There is nothing to fear. Don’t listen to rumours and gossip. We have sufficient stocks of essential commodities, including pol items,” said an official.
He alleged that some people are buying petrol in gallons and selling them on the black market at very high prices.
“The police will have to crack down on these hoarders and black marketeers. They are taking undue advantage of the situation,” he added.