Pressure of studies on children

Dear Editor,
These days, as you know, the students face a lot of pressure over studies, sports, and so on, and children are used as tools by their parents to fulfill their own dreams. It is the dream of every parent to see their child excel in everything, and on the process they put pressure on the child to aim higher. And it hurts the relationship between the parents and the child.
The pressure put by parents and teachers on the child to study better makes the child feel depressed and low, and it may lead to suicidal thoughts and to suicide itself. We should spread awareness among as many people as possible on precautionary measures against this serious matter, before it is too late. This kills one child every hour in India.
There is a huge rise in the number of suicide cases related to study pressure, and many movies have also reflected upon this problem.
According to a report, Indian and Chinese parents put the most pressure on their children to excel in exams and in life. I think this can be solved by giving your child or student as less pressure as possible and listening to them for once. Understand the students’ abilities and channel their energy in the right direction, instead of directing and forcing them to do according to their parents’ will. This world is changing and becoming more and more creative. I believe parents must give more opportunity to their children to express themselves to the best of their ability and talent.
Yours sincerely,
Likha Bond