ANYA seeks ordinance in offspring issue

ITANAGAR, Jan 7: The All Nyishi Youth Association (ANYA) has in a representation to the chief minister sought the passing of an ordinance to check instances of offspring of non-APST fathers and APST mothers adopting the mother’s surname.
Stating that the issue is a serious one, the ANYA in its representation outlined various measures to check such activities.
It suggested that there should be “compulsory affidavit swearing through the concern GBs testifying the facts” before acquiring ST certificates.
“In case of any anomalies in the fact, a fine of Rs 100000, with imprisonment of upto 3 years, should be passed in the act. It should be a non-bailable and cognizable offence, arrest without warrant,” the association stated.
It also suggested constituting a board with a DC/ADC as its chairman and a ZPM, along with five HoDs of different government departments and the SP/OC of the area concerned, as members.
“It should sit once in a month to finalize and approve in the concern ADC/DC HQ for approval of ST. They should be subject to punishment upto 3 years imprisonment and fine upto Rs 5 lakhs for supplying wrong information detrimental for the native tribal of the people,” the ANYA said.
The other documents and certificates should be processed as before; however, ST certificates should be the benchmark to obtain the other documents, it said, adding that the board should function “only for the ST obtainment.”
“A native girl marrying an outsider should automatically lose the right of ST and procurement of properties in her name. Obtaining property indirectly in her name, although married to an outsider, should be completely banned and pronounced as an offence liable for punishment in the interest of protection of the tribal people. The procurement of land and building and other non-movable property after her marriage to an outsider should be prohibited and banned,” the ANYA submitted in the representation.
It also sought compulsory marriage registration of native tribal girls who marry outsiders.
The ANYA said that, after passing the ordinance, “the government should revalidate all the existing ST certificates and fresh ST certificates should be issued to do away with the duplicity.”