Give peace a chance

The tension between the US and Iran that escalated after America killed top Iranian general Qasem Soleimani has calmed down for now. In the days that followed the killing of Soleimani, it looked like both the countries would go to war. Iran vowed revenge and US president Donald Trump threatened to bomb Iran if they carried out any retaliatory attack. Iran did fire rockets at two US military bases in Iraq, but it did not cause any damage or kill anyone. There were indications that Iran’s attack on the bases was intended to send a message rather than to kill US soldiers. This move had raised fears that the two countries were hurtling towards a war, but just a day later, President Trump sought to lower tensions by stating that there is a window of opportunity for talks.
For now a war has been averted, but the tension in the region remains high, and it can escalate anytime. It is time the leaders of both the countries, as well as others, made efforts to start dialogue and end the hostility. Any war between the US and Iran will have a devastating effect on the whole world. Though the US may be superior to Iran in terms of military might, the latter cannot be taken lightly. They have a strong army and a range of missiles that can hit US targets upto Europe. Therefore, in the best interest of the international community, a war should be avoided at any cost. The US should stop being a bully in the Middle East. It should stop interfering in every matter of the Middle East countries. The Iranian leadership will also have to act maturely. Both the nations should give peace a chance.