Road Safety Week underway

ROING, Jan 16: The police here in Lower Dibang Valley district are observing the 31st Road Safety Week since last Saturday, with the theme ‘Sadak Suraksha-Jeevan Raksha’.
DSP Ringu Ngupok and team were seen stopping traffic violators near the main market area here in order to educate them about road safety and traffic rules.
“This awareness week is all about educating and promoting road safety and traffic awareness,” informed Ngupok who, along with his team, was handing out red roses and road safety pamphlets to traffic violators.
The DSP said the roses are being handed out instead of challans as “this week is about spreading awareness.”
SP Sanjay Kumar Sain said, “Many of us have lost loved ones in road accidents, either due to their own mistakes or because of erring drivers from the other side. It is time we took the issue seriously and started teaching road safety, traffic ethics and awareness to our kids, friends and elders.”