Farmers trained in mgmt of Khasi mandarin

BALAPU, Jan 27: Twenty-five farmers and farmwomen participated in a training programme on ‘scientific management and rejuvenation of old and unproductive Khasi mandarin orchard & marketing’, organised by the Papum Pare KVK at Balapu village on Monday.
The programme, which was conducted by a team of scientists, comprising Hemanta Ngangbam, Dr V Safi and Tilling Tabyo, along with KVK farm manager Dr Nabam Gama, was aimed at imparting extensive knowledge on scientific and systematic orchard management techniques to the orange growers of the village to help them enhance productivity and profitability.
The farmers were later taken on a field visit to the piggery and mushroom production units established under the KVK’s ‘doubling farmers’ income’ programme.