Exposing corrupt practices

The special investigation cell (SIC) of the state police arrested two officials of the Education Department on Tuesday on charges of corruption. The arrested persons include former Deputy Director of School Education (DDSE) of Kamle district, Likha Togur and Junior Engineer Jubi. There are serious allegations of mismanagement against the duo in the implementation of flagship schemes of the Education Department in Kamle district. The arrest has exposed the corrupt practices plaguing the education department. There are possibilities that this may not be an isolated incident.
The SIC deserves appreciation for following the case diligently and making the arrests. Hopefully, they will make more arrests in days to come in this particular case. The SIC made several high profile arrests in the Trans-Arunachal Highway scam as well. However, the arrests will make no sense if the SIC fails to prove the corruption charges in court. Therefore, a strong case should be presented to the court so that people involved in siphoning government funds are punished. Also, one of the main reasons for the underdevelopment of Arunachal Pradesh is the rampant corruption. The education and health sectors are the worst sufferers. Successive governments in the state have always vouched to prioritize these two sectors, but it seems that priority is shown only in the media and not in reality. Still, there is much to be done to improve the education and health sectors.