Farmers need govt’s support

Deputy Chief Minister Chowna Mein while attending the just-concluded Arunachal Pradesh Social Entrepreneurship Meet-2020 in Itanagar highlighted how marketing of agriculture, horticulture and allied sectors remains a big issue which needs to be addressed. The DCM is correct to a certain extent. But it will be wrong to say that only marketing issues concern the farmers. In fact, lack of support from the government is the main problem affecting the farmers of the state. The government keeps on announcing various schemes for farmers during the budget but their implementation at the grassroots level is not done properly.
Most of the schemes implemented through departments like agriculture, horticulture and veterinary in the districts are highly politicized. Most of the time, supporters of the local MLAs benefit and the genuine farmers are deprived. In some cases those who do not practice farming are also included in the beneficiaries’ list just because he/she is a supporter of the local MLA. The state government should streamline the process of implementing the schemes of agri-allies sectors at the grassroots and let genuine farmers take advantage. Also, it is good to know that the government is aware of the issue concerning the marketing of the agriculture, horticulture and allied sectors. As the DCM himself has raised this issue, the people of the state will believe that the state government will genuinely work to address this concern at the earliest. A good marketing linkage will immensely benefit the farmers of the state in selling their produce at the best prices.