DC highlights role of clan-based orgs

ITANAGAR, Feb 5: Lower Subansiri Deputy Commissioner Chukhu Takar has said that clan and tribe based organizations can play important role in the tribal society.
He said these organizations have become a necessity in the present day to percolate the message of the government at the grass root level.
DC said this while attending a programme organized by the Likha Welfare Society recently at Sito village under Pistana circle of Lower Subansiri district.
Speaking at the same event, Chief Information Commissioner of APIC, Dr Joram Begi highlighted the role of clan-based organization in passing on the indigenous folklore and oral traditions to the next generation.
On the occasion, a genealogy book entitled ‘NIID’ on genealogy of the Likha clan, written by Likha Togu, was released by Kimin ADC Likha Tejji.