High hopes on SIC

The special investigation cell (SIC) of the state police has made major headway by arresting two people alleged to be involved in the Arunachal Pradesh State Selection Board (APSSB) exam corruption case. Former undersecretary of the APSSB, Kapter Ringu is also under the scanner of the SIC and is allegedly not cooperating with the investigation. The SIC has so far made swift progress, but unless the case is thoroughly investigated, the complete truth will not be unearthed. They have raised the hopes of people by making quick progress in the case. The outcome of the investigation will determine the future of the APSSB. The onus lies on the SIC to ensure justice to thousands of students who are now feeling heartbroken due to the scandal.
In the event that they fail to properly investigate the case, it will not only harm their own image, but also that of the APSSB. As a result of the corruption allegation, the state government has transferred out the chairman and secretary of the APSSB. However, instead of transferring them to other departments, the government should have put all of them under suspension till the outcome of the investigation. This would have sent out a strong message. There are possibilities that several other people involved in the scandal may still be roaming freely at this juncture. The APSSB is the pet project of Chief Minister Pema Khandu. The idea was to make recruitment of lower level official more competitive. Allegations of nepotism and corruption constantly surfaced earlier when these recruitments were conducted by the department themselves.