Farmers trained in kiwi cultivation

KOLORIANG, Feb 21: Ten farmers from Kurung Kumey district participated in an ‘intensive training-cum-exposure visit on kiwi crops’, organised at Lower Subansiri HQ Ziro by the Kurung Kumey district horticulture officer (DHO) recently.
During the programme, which was financed through the Nyapin MLA’s local area development fund, the farmers, led by DHO Kuru Ama, were trained in commercial kiwi cultivation, packaging, organic farming, marketing, etc.
In Ziro, the farmers were taken to the government nursery in Siiro, besides to various kiwi gardens, Lambu Subu Food & Beverages in Hong, and to the integrated farming system of progressive farmer Tage Tapa.
HDO (HQ) Pura Obin delivered a lecture on kiwi crop. (DIPRO)