Open art, flower show events held

ITANAGAR, Feb 21: Nang Sunitthi C Thoomten won the first prize of Rs 50,000 in the ‘open art exhibition-cum-competition’ held as part of the Statehood Day celebration on Friday.
Ligang August won the second prize of Rs 30,000, while Jene Hai and Wangdam Sumnyan jointly won the third prize of Rs 10,000 each.
In the ‘flower show-cum-competition’, Ori Tapak Talom (TN & TN Flower), Nanu Tatak (Yame Nursery, Itanagar), and Renu Jerang (Renu Jerang Flower, Itanagar) won cash prize of Rs 30,000, Rs 20,000 and Rs 10,000, respectively. (DIPRO)