Puroiks still deprived of rights, living subjugated lives: Hayeng Mangfi

Staff Reporter
ITANAGAR, Mar 3: JDU MLA Hayeng Mangfi on Tuesday said that “not enough was being done to uplift the Puroik community,” who he said is still being subjugated with no rights whatsoever.
During a short duration discussion of the budget session on socia-economic educational backwardness of the Puroik community, he made an impassioned appeal to the government to do more as he said that not enough was being done for the community. The Puroiks are “living property” for some, the MLA said as he informed the house that “the community members are still sold and purchased.”
“They do not have dignity of life,” he said.
He said while the population of the community is more than 8000, only 34 people were employed by the government.
He said the land meant for Puroiks in Papu Nallah in Itanagar and in Seppa have few Puroik families as they have been forced to sell the land.
“Where are our policies?” he asked as he called on the government to implement the suggestions given by two government-formed committees.
He further said that Puroik autonomous board was being headed by people who have no clue about the community, and that laws should be made to suit the community.
The MLA said that 400 people in three villages, where the community members have been relocated, have died because they are not used to living in warm places.
He further called for their political representation, and suggested a ZPM segment for the community in the upcoming PRI election.
As he suggested fresh policies for Puroiks, Hayeng said that nothing concrete has been achieved by the Puroik board.
Kento Jini, the only MLA who took part in the discussion, said that Puroiks were still being subjugated even though there are policies in place. He called on the deputy commissioners to abide by the Bonded Labor System (Abolition) Act. He called on the people who still keep the members of Puroik community as bonded labours to liberate them.
Minister Social Justice, Empowerment and Tribal Affairs Alo Libang called on the MLAs of five districts – Kra Daadi, Kurung Kumey, Papum Pare, East Kameng and Pakke Kessang to suggest to the government on what can be done for the welfare of the community.
Reservation in PRI can only be done with the support of the MLAs, he said. He further said that two hostels were being built for the students belonging to the community and one-time financial aid is being given to some families. He said that efforts will be made to accelerate the development policies for the community and all MLAs from Puroik-inhabited districts have to come forward to support the community.